About Me—

I am a mama of 6 who comes alive when i'm able to create. Create with words, graphics, home decor, artwork or simply consuming something beautiful someone else created. I live in the best state around ;) Duh, Texas. Paloma Press was built from 100% passion and I hope to help you inspire. 

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In a life that's ours to live—

a huge sense of purpose. if you don't, I hope you search for it and never stop. I hope you feel worthy of creating a business that manifests your dreams into a reality. A life you miss when you take a vacation. I hope you feel power and faith to trust the growth process of the journey. I once had a mentor speak life and truth over my financial and business goals before I was able to do it for myself. I want to do that for you. 

I want you to know the world is holding space for you. Space that will expand with every new desire set on your heart. Investing in your business through my service or another way is an investment in your future life. Im proud of you for even considering it. I see the path forward, friend. Take those steps..

I hope you feel

My Life in photos

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A Look Inside
My Life—

i love rosé on rooftops

french fries & gelato

give me all prada and gucci bags

i grew up on black and white films—

audrey hepburn is my icon

take risks, explore

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